Dharma Shotsuki

Dharma Shotsuki is held once a month (usually the second Sunday), conducted by our Resident Minister.  At this special memorial service, along with the Ministers Dharma Talk, families take time to remember their loved ones who have passed away during that month and are called upon to burn incense.  It is a nice way to recognize the efforts of those who have passed away before us and thank them for giving us the opportunity to hear the Dharma.

Dharma School

The Dharma school’s mission is to increase knowledge of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and to provide an appreciation of the interdependency of all living things through greater awareness of the working of Amida Buddha’s infinite wisdom and compassion in students’ daily lives.

This Service is for young children as well as persons interested in our teachings and Temple.  Children take turns leading the very informal service.

Naomi Asks About Buddhism

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The first of potentially many books about a young girl and her curiosities... a delightful Children's book explaining Buddhism from a fresh perspective - Written and illustrated by two talented Kelowna Temple Members, a great gift for your child or grandchild - something that everyone can understand and will read over and over again.

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Chapter 1 - page 1


Naomi lived with her Mom in the cute little white house two doors down on the left hand side of Cherry Blossom Lane.

She was a happy girl who was always thinking about things that she heard about.

One day she asked her Mom, "Mama, what is a Buddha?" "Hmmm, a Buddha?" her Mom said. "I’m not really sure, but your Uncle is coming to visit and he has traveled to many places all over the world, I bet he will be able to tell you what a Buddha is when he gets here."

Naomi couldn’t wait for the next day when her Uncle was due to arrive. She loved her Uncle, he had the best hugs in the whole world (next to her Mama of course) and always had the answers to her questions.‚Äč